Mandy Hawkins

I'm a natural born story teller and creative thinker with a camera at-draw. I enjoy multimedia communications and all things outdoors-y.

We’re Celebrating 30 Years in Business And Offering 50% Off Luxury Vinyl Products

We’re commemorating 30 years of serving St. Louis families and business owners by offering 50% OFF our top-of-the-line Luxury Vinyl Flooring! Luxury Vinyl is gaining popularity due to its incredible durability, waterproof core, and a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you’re thinking about flooring, we’d like to offer some compelling reasons to act now. While you might not think twice about that second shot of espresso on a Monday morning, you would likely agree that larger investments r

Client M.V.P

Mission: Our calling is to help families achieve an abundance of health and vitality through a chiropractic lifestyle utilizing cutting edge and scientifically sound techniques. Our compassionate and talented team guides practice members to the Source of wellness: the innate intelligence God placed in the body to make it run, adapt and heal all on its own. When vertebral subluxation quenches this innate gift, our doctor(s) work(s) to restore balance by locating, adjusting and preventing interferences that affect how the body functions, heals and adapts to its environment.

Essential Oil Shower Steamers | | Kind Natural Skincare Solutions

KIND shower steamers are the perfect way to make a shower fun and relaxing even though time is short and your schedule is full. You can reap the benefits of truly natural aromatherapy while taking a quick shower. Bath bombs are a popular choice for a soothing soak in the tub but they require time to wind down and relax. Shower steamers let you incorporate an invigorating blend of scents with the shower you already planned. Our shower bombs are best placed away from the shower drain so the disso

Handmade, Natural Soap Company | Kind Natural Skincare Solutions

I have dealt with skin sensitivities my whole life. Finding a soap or lotion that my skin would tolerate was a constant struggle. It seemed like the only products I would EVER be able to use were boring and medicinal.​ I was never able to soak in a luxurious bubble bath, or slather on a lovely scented lotion. All of those types of products contained ingredients that made my skin angry. Red, rashy, swollen skin and eyes look especially bad on a redhead! Unfortunately, one of my sons inherited my

KIND to Others: Autism Speaks

KINDness takes on many forms. It may be holding a door open for the stranger behind you or buying them coffee. It may be walking shelter dogs on your weekends. It may be spending long hours sandbagging around homes and local businesses that are threatened by rising waters. It may be dropping everything to go to a foreign city or country, to help those who are facing a major crisis. Some acts of KINDness are big, some are small. One thing is for sure: KINDness matters. At KIND soap, KINDness is

Customer X: Home Page Copy (Privacy- Protected Internal Communications Page)

Are you excited to begin entering goals and objectives for the upcoming year? Maybe a little overwhelmed? --- is designed to relieve some of the stress associated with planning, building, and implementing those Blue Chip goals. Blue Chips are what make --- shine. These highest priority goals put together by the brilliant people that make up our Business Units / Divisions/ Regions, help us focus on specific objectives, with assignable tasks, so that we can achieve the highest prioritized goals for each quarter in our calendar year.

Defining the Ultimate Customer Experience in Retail

Imagine this scenario: your savvy customer has done their homework and found that you, their favorite retailer, has found a sweet deal online for a product they want, but they need to touch and experience this product before purchase. They walk through your doors, marking the beginning of their quest, and trek with intention directly to the section of your store that should contain the item they desperately seek. They lap an aisle or two, and circle again, hoping that they’ve overlooked where t

Cyclists, Community, and Coffee: Coming Together in Francis Park

The excitement in the air around Francis Park was tangibly thick on the first Saturday of September. Tour de Francis Park, one portion of the Gateway Cup Series, was underway and bikers and spectators filled the park to cheer on the athletes. The clanging cowbells, whizzing cycles, and cheering crowds filled all corners of the park. For the owners of Lanai Coffee, Brad and Kristina Solomon, this was a particularly serendipitous day.